The Ride To & From The Vets

Frost Heave
In. New England
A section of ruptured pavement caused by the expansion of freezing water immediately under the road. Also called regionally frost boil.

1. a deep hole; pit.
2.a hole formed in pavement, as by excessive use or by extremes of weather.
3.a more or less cylindrical hole formed in rock by the grinding action of the detrital material in eddying water.
4.a cave opening vertically from the ground surface.

A low area or hole in the ground that is formed especially when soil and rocks are removed by flowing water

Today was the day that I took all three dackels into the Vets for their yearly shots. Needless to say, with Lyme Disease all about us, I wanted to make sure they got their booster shots as well as their Rabies shots.Hubby was sweet and wanted to drive us and help me out with rotating one dog after another into see the Vet.

We took the main highway over and that wasn’t too bad, but when we turned off ity to drive the 8 miles into the Vet’s Office, we found some really bad Frost Heaves. Hubby handled them well, and we made it in okay, but I swear we all were a little bit shook up by the time we arrived.

The appointment went well, and soon we were on our way home. Hubby decided to take the shortest route, which is also known as “the back way”. Well, this was even worse as we not only had Frost Heaves, but Pot Holes! Now when I say “Pot Holes” I mean we came over a hill and there was a giant “Pot Hole” that verged on a “Sink Hole“.

Hubby jammed on his brakes and veered off to the left, thus saving us from the hole and scaring both me and the dackels! However he did save our lives and I am grateful.

Due to the fact that we had to drive home slowly on these terrible back roads, I did not get back in time to make Chinese food. That was moved to Tuesday, and on Monday I simply made Fondue.

I think I am still recovering from Pot Hole & Frost Heave & Sink Hole Hell!

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