Strange Dental Visit

I had my dental visit yesterday. I needed to have a filling put in a very sensitive tooth. There wasn’t a cavity, but the tooth has a problem and we are hoping the filling will help it along.
Now, here is the strange part. As the dentist is working on my tooth, he asked me, “Have you ever had a head injury?”

(Do you ever notice how the dentist asks you questions when you can’t possibly answer them?)
“Yes.” I somehow managed to grunt out. “Why?”
Then he told me that I had an area of discoloration in one tooth. Usually if you have stained teeth, or teeth affected by antibiotics, all your teeth are discolored, but I just have this one tooth. It seems that a severe enough injury to your face can cause bleeding, and occasionally the tooth becomes damaged and you actually can get blood in the tooth, causing the discoloration.
When all the gadgetry was removed from my mouth, he said, “That must have been a heck of a whack to your head.”
Then I told him about my car accident. I explained how not only did I have the head injury back in 1985, but I have had these strange things show up 20 years later. The detached retina, the elbow nerve that was so badly displaced, and my left knee that gives me trouble from time to time.
Since I have little recollections of actually being in the car when it was crushed around me, I have never been able to say exactly where my body was compromised. Now, I can say that the left side of my body and head took the brunt of it.
I left feeling rather strange. Almost like I was seeing myself in that car. I came home and told Hubby and called my sister.
Sometimes I wonder what problem will show itself next, and if I will ever really be free of that car!

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  1. Hi Mom,

    Just wanted to say hello, and hope that you are having a good day. I’m sorry about the feelings that your dentist appt surfaced, but realistically, none of us are ever “rid” of the accident–I know with you things still manifest physically, but that car will be with you, and with me, and with our families, for a long time to come. The best we can do is to reach out when those times comes, to talk to someone who understands and loves us, and to live our lives in a way that Katie would be proud of!! I am proud of you for all the progress that you have made over the years, and know you are of me for the same. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you! 🙂

    Have a good day!


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