Pedaling Princess

Yesterday I jumped on my exercise bike and headed to no where special. I put in my 24 minutes at level 4 (!) and then came up, drank two large glasses of water, collapsed in front of my computer and waited to cool off.
This proved to be difficult as I sat reading my e-mail and discovered that this site has been hit by spammers once again. Darn it, why don’t they just hang it up and realize that the people who read my blog aren’t interested in their products! They should, perhaps, look for Daddy blogs!
I did the maintenance on Princess to remove their comments and to freeze them out, and then hit the shower. Why I did this, I am still not sure, as I headed out to the grocery store in a driving rain storm and got drenched. I should just have brought my shampoo with me and I could have accomplished two things at once!
With all of this rain, I think it is safe to say I won’t be skiing anytime soon. When we skied the other day, there were so many bare spots, and icy spots that I am sure that all of this rain has simply washed away what little snow there was. (Can you hear me crying?) I was just finding my groove and now it is over, at least until we get a good storm. Since there is no great big snow storm in sight, nor any cold temperatures, I will be forced to use the exercise bike daily to get my workout!

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  1. You got the rain too? Wow! There is no snow here at all and it is so warm, not like January at all. I love snow, I hope we get some soon, we hope to ski on Feb. 11th.

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