Hubby’s Knees

I’m taking Hubby to the Orthopedic surgeon today to have his knees examined. We already know that his right knee is in serious need of a replacement, but the one he has already had done is more painful than the other! This is not good. I told him I was going with him to make sure he doesn’t try to act like a tough guy and down-play the pain. Probably the fact that he can’t walk very well will be a big tip-off to the doctor, but I want to make sure that Hubby is well taken care of!
Since our appointment is at a bad time as far as getting lunch, I have packed a picnic. A sandwich for Hubby, with chips and a pickle and a big chef salad for me. We’re leaving the fur babies home so we don’t have to fight them off while we eat!
I’ll post an update either tonight or tomorrow on what they find. I have to get my skiing partner back in shape!

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