Down For The Count

What gets you moving up and out of bed in less than three seconds?

I woke suddenly this morning to the sound of Shubi next to me starting to throw up! I threw back the bed covers and grabbed the dog and literally leapt out of bed and ran, holding my hand under her mouth, into the bathroom. I made it to the sink just in time for her to “get sick”.

Such as it was, my day started.

Yesterday, Hubby went outside with the dogs to toss the ball for them. A few minutes later, the door opened and he stumbled back in. His knee had completely given out on him. He was pragmatic and told me that at least if it had to totally go, it went on the day in-between doctor’s appointments. It’ is so hard for me to see him unable to put any weight on that left knee. The pain etched on his face, makes you twinge.
I got his cane and his crutches so he can get around the house until Monday. I suggested a nice tall brandy for the pain, and then I built a cozy fire in the hearth, and he settled in his recliner.
Greta immediately jumped up and was full of love and kisses for her Daddy. She is quite sensitive to people and their feelings.
We were supposed to go get wood at my cousin’s house on Sunday, but we had to cancel that. Needless to say, my Lumberjack is down for the count.
I sure hope he can get into surgery quickly.

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