A Little Protein Anyone?

Every day I either climb on my exercise bike or I go skiing. I’ve been faithfully doing this since January 1st, part of my New Years Resolution for a healthier me. As those of you, who read me daily know, I have been back on South Beach to regain control of my eating, and to lose the weight I put on this fall.
I felt quite humbled when I could barely zip my jeans, and I have not gone out to buy jeans that fit better. There were days I spent a lot of time in sweat pants with a wonderful elastic waist band!
The first week I lost 4 pounds, the second week 3 pounds and this week another 4 pounds!
Needless to say, moral is high right now. I feel like the Super Woman of Dieting! Able to leap stationary bikes, carrying a carrot stick, in a single bound!
It has not always been like this for me. Weight loss and I are not old and dear friends. Usually it dribbles off. 1/4 pound here, a 1/10 of a pound there. I’m usually in the deepest of depressions when I am dieting.
So what’s different this time? I think two things. First I have learned that nothing puts weight on me faster than carbs. I should just take those cookies, breads and potatoes and rub them on my hips! So I know that cutting all of that out and eating a lot of protein and vegetables is the way to go. When I do that, the weight melts off.
Second, I am learning that “exercise” that dreaded four letter word, really does get the weight to move off a little faster. I also read something in a book, (don’t ask me which one!), that it’s better to exercise in the morning because it gets your metabolism cranking and you burn calories more efficiently for the rest of the day. Thus, after breakfast I do my thing, be it on the slopes or on the bike.
I’ve still got a long way to go, and I know there will be weeks when I don’t lose anything and I come crying to you all, but today, I’m feeling good about myself and about my change in eating habits.

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  1. My secret, I hardly ever sit still. I am up and moving all day and I walk alot. So I think the exercise really helps. Good work!

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