You would not have believed our driveway on Monday morning! I think I have mentioned that our driveway is about 500 feet going up hill to the street, right? Well today, that 500 feet was all black ice!

Usually I would not care, but Hubby was going to the VA doctors and had to leave the house at 9 AM. He actually left a little early, and it took him quite a while to make it up that driveway. In fact, after he left I called my sander-man and arranged for him to come and sand and salt the driveway.

He was amazed at the number of calls that he had gotten to come and rescue people. The weather over the weekend really made a mess of the roads.

I broke out my ice walkers so when I walked the dogs I wouldn’t slip. Those ice treads were one of the best things I have ever gotten myself at LL Bean!

Looking out in my back yard the hill is all frozen ice on top of the 6 inches of snow! It’s pretty, but scary too.

Back in my youth I would have grabbed a cookie sheet or whatever sliding object I could and sledded down something like that. Unfortunately as you age you realize that bones break and it’s not so easy to get them healed up after menopause!

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