I’ve thought a lot lately about dreams. Those sleepy private moments in my mind. When I was young, the dreams were silly and didn’t really make much sense. I remember that one reoccurring dream, was that I could fly with no plane. Just me thinking about flying and off I would go. I would keep thinking about flying because if I didn’t I would start to go down and as I neared the ground, whoosh, I would never land, but wake up.

As I grew up and began to experience the loss of loved ones, occasionally they would come to me in my dreams. Having tea with my Grandma Honey and Papa Fred, or sitting in my Papa Sam’s lap listening to Barbershop Quartets. All dreams, of people that had left me.

Now as a middle aged woman, I dream of my daughter often. I watch Katie playing in the snow, or at the beach. I see her apple cheeks and bright red curls. I know it is a dream, and I try to make the little dream visit last. Sometimes I can, and sometimes it ends as quickly as it starts.

Since my parents passed away, I have started to dream of them too. Little glimpses. It’s like they come back to say hello, that they are with me, they smile and float off.

My Aunt and Uncle come too. It’s funny I can’t recall that any of them really say anything, but they are peaceful, happy and I feel loved by them. I guess I feel peaceful too.

Dreams are wonderful things aren’t they? Do you dream like this?

4 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. I love those dreams! I wake up feeling so happy to have had a visit with those that are on earth any longer. Love YOU, Mel

  2. I have these all the time and I see my Mom all the time and hear her talking to me. i wake up sometimes and think she is sitting on the end of the bed watching me. I dream of childhood and early teenage times had to remember but I try. Love these safe times

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