Too Darn Cold!

Minus 14 degrees (F) this morning, here in my part of New Hampshire! When I put my pinky toes out of bed, I wanted to climb right back in. I could hear Lili in her puppy room and so I figured she probably needed to get out and do her business, despite the cold. I was correct.

The dackels reluctantly went out, and then raced back in. Too cold for little babies like them! Currently they are all cuddled under my soft blankie that my sister gave me for Christmas.

Yesterday was a good day. I went to Weight Watchers and had lost a pound and a half! Then I came home, stopping to do errands first, and in the afternoon, I made a triple batch of Cabbage Vegetable Soup, despite the fact that I really don’t like it. But Hubby loves it, so for him, I would do anything.

Today, I have only planned laundry and to clean out the cupboard under my sink. Oh yes, and to drink nice hot tea!

I sure hope January flies by. For that matter I would take February, March and the first part of April too! I want spring and summer! NOW!

One thought on “Too Darn Cold!”

  1. I am ready for one nice deep snow fall and then Spring! I would just like to be snowbound with my hubby with a fire blazing. No where to go and nothing to do. LOL! This cold is bad so that can leave right now. Love YOU, Mel

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