Time Goes So Fast

Today I was evaluated by a Corneal Surgeon, Dr. M. for problems in my left eye from an improperly fitted lens implant. I knew, way back when I had the cataract removed in 2001 that the implant was wrong. I tried to get them all to listen to me, and they didn’t. The result was a botched attempt with a laser to solve this problem, and then, of course, the detached retina. The doctor indicated today, that had they gone right back in and replaced the lens in 2001 then the entire series of misadventures with this eye would have been avoided. Of course the question now is, what to do? Trust me, it does not make you feel particularly confident when the doctor examining you spends much of the appointment basically scratching his head. This seems to be beyond what he can fathom.
He wants me to use these drops to constrict the pupil, in hopes that this will alleviate the symptoms I have. I did try these in the past, and they gave me a terrible headache and brow ache. So, I am not terribly thrilled about trying this again. Meanwhile he wants to conference with Dr. C. (My Retinal Surgeon) and find out all he can about my eye. After all, no one knows my left eye, inside and out, like Dr. C.
What we do know now is that replacing the lens would be difficult, perhaps even dangerous. How much of a risk, he couldn’t say. Or wouldn’t say. Not until he speaks with Dr. C.

On our way home, (which is a 55 mile drive) it was snowing like crazy! The roads were not in the best shape either. Hubby was driving, and so I could relax. As we neared a little town, we observed a driver, who had gone off the road, pulling back on the road again. I mentioned to Hubby that the guy wasn’t sitting correctly in his car. He was sort of slumped over to one side. Anyway, his driving was really bad. We followed him all the way across the state. As we neared our hometown, the guy dropped a front tire off the main part of the road and then went right off, smashing into a mailbox and roadside newspaper box! We were just so grateful that he didn’t spin out and into us! We saw that aside from the murdered mailbox, he was fine, so we kept on going.
The rest of the trip was uneventful and we arrived home safe and sound.

I looked at the calendar when we got back home and realized that in one week, Hubby goes for his pre-op visit with his Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. F., and then a week later, he has the operation!
Time does not sit still, does it?

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  1. I can’t believe people and their driving habits. It’s SO bad over here, nobody knows how to merge properly, and good lord, when it’s raining get OFF the roads lest you end up being rammed in the ass by some moron behind you. I swear nobody knows how to drive over here even in good weather. I’m SO thankful we don’t get snow.

  2. Hi Mom,

    If you don’t have plans already on Sunday, Dainya and I were going to come by. I’ll give you a call on my way home, or feel free to send me an email at work today to let me know if that will be okay, and what a good time would be (around lunch?)
    Talk soon!

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