What I Did Today

I bet you are all wondering what I did with my day today. No? Well, I am going to tell you anyway.
I started looking for a boyfriend for Greta!
We decided not to breed her during this heat, but in 7 months she will be ready and I want to have her suitor all lined up.

August 23 005.jpg

My beautiful Greta

I called several breeders and spoke with them. I began to feel like I was getting nowhere, because I do not want to breed with a dog who has been inbred! It just isn’t a good thing for the pups health wise, and unfortunately many of the American breeders feel that inbreeding is just fine, and they do it a lot.
I found, through the Internet, people who also import their dogs from Germany and believe in keeping the dogs lines straight. They referred me to a very nice woman here in New Hampshire who has a male near to Greta’s age. We spoke for quite a long time, and I think we may just have found Greta’s boyfriend!
I have sent pictures of my lovely girl to them and they will send pictures of their boy back to us and after Greta is done with this heat we will get together.
Now you know how pathetic I am, when my dog’s sex life makes my day!

7 thoughts on “What I Did Today”

  1. Good work! I hope this guy works out for Dear Greta. I can’t wait to see the puppies!!! Post his picture too so we can see if we all approve of Greta’s boyfriend!

  2. Do you kind of feel like you’re doing one of those “mail order” boyfriend things? 😉

    Can’t WAIT to see Greta’s boyfriend though – you’ll totally have to post pictures. AND can’t wait to see the puppies when they arrive!!

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