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Yesterday I discovered that the hospital Hubby will have surgery at has a program where you can stay at an area motel at a drastically discounted rate. We called and made reservations there for me, and the pups. They are dog friendly. This means I won’t be driving 2 1/2 hours each day to be with Hubby after surgery. I am so relieved. I want to be with him after this operation. I remember what it was like for him the last time, and I know I did a lot to help with his care.
We are due for 5-7 inches of snow today. I am not happy. They say it will be light fluffy snow, and easy to shovel. Easy for who? Oh well, what do I expect, anyway? It’s February, it’s New England and into every life, a little snow must fall!
I was looking at the calendar. Yes, I often do this. I was looking into the future to when Greta will have her next heat, and then forward to when she would actually deliver puppies. I was surprised to see that the puppies would come right around the time that would have been Shubi’s birthday! I think this is a good omen.
I went shopping for salad fixings and there in the butcher’s meat case was a leg of lamb, on sale! I love lamb, and have had a hankering for it, but the prices were so high I simply wouldn’t spend the money on it. Yesterday, however, the price was right! So tonight we will have roasted lamb with asparagus! Yum!
I suppose I should get the shovels ready and put my boots by the door (heavy sigh).

4 thoughts on “This and That”

  1. Just think of me there helping you shovel. 🙂 I would be if I lived within a couple of hours of you. I love the snow. Sorry. We have hardly had any this winter.

    I think you are right about it being a good omen. When will that be, then?

    That is cool about the hotel. That it is a reduced rate and they let you have your dogs there.

    I have never eaten lamb, that I know of. Is it good? Well, obviously you like it. What does it taste like? I LOVE asparagus, though. Yummy.

  2. This is where I deviate from the family…I HATE lamb, BLECH! Are you having mint jelly with it? 😉

    That’s great that you can stay at the motel, 2.5 hours of driving is NOT a good thing. Where are you staying?

    And…that IS an omen 🙂 Shubi’s smiling down at you!

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