Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair

I was doing my wifely duties today. This means I was doing a job that was formerly Hubby’s, but due to his infirmities, I am now doing. I was doing the dump run. Here in New Hampshire we have a “recycling center”. We employ DPW guys to manage the facility and help sort things out when there is a question. Mostly this is a pain free job, and I do it, not because I love to do it, but because it must be done.
Today I went over to the recycling center with a Jeep load of trash, plastic bottles, cardboard and newspapers. I was doing my part.
I managed to get all the cardboard over to the cardboard pile, when in a very loud voice one of the workers says, “Lady, you can’t do this!”
I went back and looked at the cardboard. “Do what?” I asked, innocently.
These wine boxes.” (what can I say, Hubby is a cheap date!) “You have to pull the insides out of each box before you put them here!”
I could see all the other recycler’s looking at me. I felt small and stupid and like a giant spotlight was on me.
Oh, what do I do with the insert?” I asked feebly “Should I put those in the burnables?” (I was trying so hard to look like I fit in by using recycling lingo.
Just put them in the trash.” he grumbled.
I quickly finished my sorting, and then I jumped in the Jeep and got out of there quickly. How was I to know? Did he really have to be so gruff, loud and angry with me? I felt near to tears. I drove home and took it out on the only person I could. Hubby. After all it was his stupid wine boxes that caused all the trouble. I don’t even drink!
A little while later, I got groused at again, and I felt like crying. I know people have bad days, but I guess I am just feeling overly sensitive right now.
It is snowing hard and looking more and more like shoveling will be needed later this afternoon.
What else can happen today?

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair”

  1. What else could happen is that your cousin is sitting her laughing her ass off at your phrase, “wifely duties”! Cause when Smoochy talks about her wifely duties, it ain’t about taking the trash out. ROFLMAO!

    Sorry, tho, that he yelled at you…his wife probably yelled at him that morning, or his boss, or his kid and it all rolled downhill from there.

    “wifely duties” AHAHAHAHA *wipes tear from eye* snort!


    love ya!

  2. Before I even read Janet’s comment I was thinking the SAME thing. Guess the same words mean different things sometime 😉 I think my “wifely duties” are more fun than a dump run!

    What else can happen today? You can sit by a warm fire with a cozy cup of tea and dream of Greta becoming a woman in a few months!

  3. I’m sorry..I did the same thing…lmao…..Maxi thinks I’m nuts…Sorry the goof yelled at you..Maybe he needs some
    “wifely duties” hehe..Oh yeah, I’m a cheap date too…Go HUBBY

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