New Kid On The Block

We had visitors today during the height of the snowstorm. Our friend Linda and her husband Gary brought over their new White German Shepherd puppy, Lily! She is all of 11 weeks old. Still that small fluffy puppy that I remember Fritz being, not so very long ago.

Feb 25 001.jpg Feb 25 003.jpg

Mostly Lily slept in Linda’s arms while we talked. She is still a sleepy little thing, and of course still not house broken either. I joked with Linda that if what she wanted was a house broken pup with more energy, I’d trade Fritz! (Actually I never would, but it sounds good. LOL!)
Greta wasn’t quite sure what to make of Lily, but she was okay. Fritz was a bit intimidated by her. What was really funny is when Lily looked up into Fritz’s white face and started to kiss him. I wonder if she thought, “Are you my Daddy?”

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