Under The Knife


So who didn’t sleep last night? Who is awake and a nervous wreck? You guessed it. Me! Well, at least Hubby will have fun today. He plans to watch the entire knee event. Yes, the doctor gave him permission to stay awake through the whole thing. I’m guessing the doctor doesn’t know how much Hubby can talk! LOL!
Hubby. We go to the hospital at 8:15 AM and his surgery is scheduled for 10:15. So everyone out there in Cyberland, say a little prayer that all will go well for my sweetie.
I’m going to be doing what all good wives do when their spouses are under the knife. I’ll be sitting in a waiting room, either on my computer, or reading or crocheting and probably drinking coffee. Since I don’t know which will provide me with a good mindless distraction, I will have my backpack with me with all three, and a thermos of coffee.
I’ll be posting Wednesday night with the results of his surgery, and I’ll be trying to get a little blurb up each day, but I’m afraid that I won’t be visiting my favorite sights for a couple of days. So please forgive me ahead of time.
Well, we’re off!

10 thoughts on “Under The Knife”

  1. I wish you and hubby the best of luck. Dad asked last night if you needed him to come up and take care of the dogs. He sends his love and best wishes, too.

  2. Best wishes for you and Hubby. I was never really sure who the surgery was worse for–the person having it (who is unconscious through it all) or the people sitting in the waiting room.

  3. Hi Mom, Hope all goes well today for Jack, and for you! Hope you are able to keep yourself distracted enough–and I’ll look forward to getting your phone call.
    Talk soon!
    Love you,

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