Hubby’s Surgery

Well, all is said and done, and the operation is over. They were able to remove the cysts from Hubby’s leg, repair the artificial knee and do some repair work to the tibia and fibula with bone grafts. It took over three hours and I was on my last finger nail when the doctor came out to speak with me. He told me how important it is to keep Hubby quiet and OFF that leg for the next six weeks. I told him I had my handy dandy club in the car to hit Hubby over the head with to keep him down!
I have decided that I do not wait well. All during Hubby’s surgery I was in the “Surgical Waiting Room“.The clocks don’t move in that room the way they do in “real life”! A minute is an hour and an hour is an eternity! I was going insane!
Eventually I stopped trying to be alone and started talking to strangers. Yes, that’s me. Picking up strangers in the surgical waiting room. What I found was, there were others like me. Nervous, exhausted people waiting for some small word from the O.R. I had one nice chat with a woman who simply hates my eye surgeon. Dr. C. Now I adore him, but I could see her point. He is not the sort of doctor that is going to be your best buddy. However, he is truly a gifted surgeon.
Then I spoke with a woman whose husband was having brain surgery. We got along really well, and before I knew it, we were laughing and talking like we were old pals. We kept each other company until Hubby was out of surgery and needed me.
I’m off to bed now and then up early tomorrow to get back to the hospital to take care of my guy.

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  1. I am so glad that it went well. When my mom was having heart surgery, I was the same way. I can totally relate to then need for connection to another human being in your similar situation. Take care, Maribeth!

  2. When my mom was sick it seemed like the docs were in with her for ages and never came out. I just remember being so tired but knowing they’d come out with good news, cuz you know, i have good karma and what could possibly go wrong?

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