The News at 4:30 AM

What do all good wives do when they have just had the most exhausting day worrying about their husbands, and then go back to their motel rooms expecting to sleep all night long? Yes, they wake up at 4 AM worrying about the big guy!

I woke with a start, and got up and turned on the lights. Fritz and Greta immediately got up and wanted to go out. So I got on my jacket and took them out back for a nice long walk. They both rewarded me with “great” things.
Then we came back in and I called the nurses station to check on Hubby. His nurse told me that he is sleeping well, and hasn’t had any more nausea tonight. I’m glad.
I’m glad that one of us is sleeping!
So, there I was feeling like a lost puppy. I got some water in my mug and made myself a nice hot cup of tea.
In my family, when anything went wrong, or someone was sad, worried, mad or sick, we always made tea. There is something so soothing about that for me. I think it’s generations of my ancestor’s smiling down on each sip, stroking me to sooth my soul.
Many years ago when my grandmother was very ill, and we knew that her time with us would end soon, my sister and I and our daughter’s all got together with a big pot of tea and a tin of special cookies and had a tea party. We sat on Grandma’s bed, drinking tea, eating cookies, (no one worried about crumbs) and talked. I can still see my grandmother’s happy face and hear her sweet old lady laugh as we had our tea.
That was the last time I spent with Grandma, and that memory is oh, so sweet!

My plans for today is to have a nice breakfast here at the motel. Then drive to the food co-op nearby and get a lunch salad for myself, and maybe a treat. (stress eating) Then go over to the hospital and spend the day with Hubby. I’ll go down every couple of hours to walk and water the dogs.
I imagine Hubby will sleep a good part of the day, but I do know they will be getting him up and making him use the crutches to get around.
Tonight is “get a real meal” night for me. I’ll see what they have at the co-op (they have such a great deli, and ready made food section there, including lot’s of great cheeses!).

So that’s the news, at 4:30 AM here in New Hampshire. I think another cup of tea is definitely in order!

5 thoughts on “The News at 4:30 AM”

  1. So glad to hear Hubby came thought the surgery in pretty good shape. Also sorry to hear you woke up so early. You’re probably going to need all the sleep you can get…..

  2. Ah yes, Tea! Gramma would say that it runs in our veins! I find that I need it at all those mentioned times and even when all is well.
    That was a wonderful tea party, wasn’t it?
    You might need to take a nap today. A good break from sitting at the hospital and some down time too if Hubby is resting, go for it! The doggies won’t mind. Love You!!

  3. Hi Mom,
    Take good care today, and like Mel says, if you are able to rest–do it!! You must be exhausted, and need to be good to yourself, so you can stay well to take care of everyone–Jack, your lady Greta, Fritz, etc.
    Did I tell you about my date when we talked yesterday? It was not so exciting, let’s put it that way…no 2nd date in the stars! Oh well, it was good practice for me I guess, in not having been on a date in a long time!
    Thinking of you!
    Love you,

  4. Love the story about Aunt Mary 🙂

    I’m glad to hear things are going well, I wish I could be there to keep you company, tho!

    I usually have a cup of tea (english breakfast) in the afternoon…

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