Post Op Hubby

I got called at 7:15 by Hubby who was very upset and wanted me to come right away. He was hungry and tired and when he rang for help from the nurses no one came. So off I went to the rescue!
I arrived and I went in there with my whip and quickly had the nursing staff begging for mercy. I got Hubby food, pain medication and the full undivided attention of the nursing staff.
My motto: Don’t mess with the big Dackel Mama! (Not unless you want to get bit in the butt!)

Hubby got his IV out, and they came in and changed the knee dressing, so I got my first good look at the incision. I am going to put the pictures on the extended entry so if anyone gets queasy they do not have to look.
His doctor came in and showed us the x-rays from before the surgery and then after. Amazing! he is pleased with Hubby’s progress and if all goes well, Hubby will come home on Saturday! Yippee!!!
Physical Therapy came by and tortured him and they were really pleased with all the muscle work that Hubby did to prepare for the surgery.
All in all, I think today was a better day than yesterday.
After I had dinner with Hubby, I came back to the motel with the doggies and we are going to have a nice early night of snuggling.

March 9 001.jpg

March 9 002.jpg

7 thoughts on “Post Op Hubby”

  1. And how does Hubby feel about his photo in a hospital gown being posted to the internet? Or are you like me and you just don’t tell your husband that you said or posted anything at all about him? 😉

    Glad he’s making good progress!

  2. I was thinking EXACTLY what Casey just wrote. Tell your darling husband he looks SMASHING in the hospital gown, stitches and those lovely hospital socks that never stay on your feet.

    I am so glad the surgery is behind you both and it went well!

  3. I was wondering the same thing. How does he like you to put his picture like that on the internet. Or doesn’t he know.

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