Sleepless in New Hampshire

I talked to Hubby about 7:45 last night and he was in terrible pain. I encouraged him to call the nurse and ask for two pain pills. Then I decided that I needed to lie down and sleep. So I did. I slept until 10, woke, walked the dogs and then came back in, checked my e-mail and then went back to sleep. I slept until 2, when Greta woke me up. Time to commune with nature. So we went for a nice middle of the night walk with Fritz. (He may be a wuss, but he is big and I feel safe with him!).
I came in and called the nurse’s station to see how Hubby had done during the evening. The pain pills hadn’t gotten the pain under control, so they had to call the doctor to get a different medication prescribed. I guess he also had a lot of additional swelling, so they have iced the knee. And his blood sugar is sky high, (260) so they have given him more insulin. Both regular and long acting. They have called for a diabetic consult.
Once I have had breakfast I will go right in. He seems to do better when I am there. Maybe because I don’t let the pain get too bad before I tell the nurses to bring him some meds. I’d go now, but I think we both need more sleep.
It’s supposed to be a really warm day today. This is good for the two dogs who sit so patiently in the car. I try to make it out to them every three hours. We walk, they drink and then I go back in, but I think the whole thing has been very hard on them. For the next knee operation I think I will have my neighbor take care of them. Greta won’t be in heat, and it will be better for them, and for me.
Okay, a little tea and then some more sleep.

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  1. Hi Mom,
    Well, glad that the hospital ordeal is nearly done for you, Jack and the pups! Thinking of you all lots!

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