Talk about a boring day. Where is the controversy? Where is the ineptitude that would cause me to rant and rave? Where is something for me to just plain complain about?
Hubby has been sleeping most of the day. He has had brief periods of wakefulness where they torture him with physical therapy, and then they give him the pain medications and off to sleep he goes!
I have called everyone I can think of, I have written several letters, I have crocheted until my fingers ached and watched my share of TV.
Yes, I am bored.
I thought about going out into the hall and pretending to have a broken leg. However, I decided that this probably wasn’t a good thing to do as one flight down is the psych unit.
I thought I’d go out and shop and spend a lot of money that I don’t have, but the thought of the credit card bills coming in at the end of the month left me feeling quite nauseated.
So I sat staring out the window, watching the snow melt. Now there is a real thrilling thing to do.
I’m actually only staying until 5 tonight as there is a tropical tasting party over at the food co-op. I thought that instead of having a formal dinner, I would simply go over there and graze.
After that I plan an evening of TV, sleep and more sleep before I hopefully bring Hubby home tomorrow.
His doctor hasn’t shown up yet, but everyone seems to think he will be going home tomorrow. Oh please, oh please! I want to go home.
I’m just not sure I could face another boring day!


The doctor was late, so I missed being able to graze at the co-op. Shucks! And he says that the chances of Hubby actually coming home tomorrow are not very good. I, however, am going to go home with the doggies and prepare for the “Master’s” return!
Boy, am I tired!

4 thoughts on “Bor-ing!!!”

  1. I think it is a good choice -even though it is a long drive to go home for a day – your husband is in good care and it will give you a chance to prepare and hopefully recoup a bit before he comes home.

  2. I hope Hubby gets to come home too, but if not it is a good idea for you and the doggies to get home and prepare for the homecoming. There is no place like home!

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