I Am Home

I’m home. Thank goodness. I was starting to go just a little crazy over there. Unfortunately Hubby was running a temperature today and the doctor didn’t want to send him home. Hubby was very disappointed. Me too. However, I came back myself, went to the Post Office and got our mail, went grocery shopping, and have gotten beds made and the throw rugs pulled up. Everything is ready for his return.
About three, Hubby’s fever broke! Good news!!! So, I am thinking tomorrow I will be able to bring him home. Yay Team!!!
I’m planning another early night, so I can catch up on my rest. But soon, my sweetie will be home and life won’t be quite so tough. (Right?)

4 thoughts on “I Am Home”

  1. Somehow things even the challenging things are easier when you are in your own home. I am glad he is feeling better and will be home soon. Greta still wearing her “Pretty pants??”

  2. I am so glad his fever broke and now hopefully they will let him go home tomorrow.
    Don’t worry about what lies ahead once he’s home, just take it one day at a time, or one hour or one minute at a time. Being home will just be so much easier on both of you.

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