He’s Home!!!

I got the call early this morning.
Come get me!”
I jumped in the shower, dressed and was out the door in a split second!
He is very weak, very tired and still in a lot of pain, but he is so happy to be home!
He does have a small infection in the incision of his knee. So they put him on antibiotics. His temperature was normal last night and this morning, but he wasn’t in the house an hour before he spiked a 101.7 fever. I’ve gotten it down to 101.1 with the acetaminophen in the Vicodan, but I am watching him like a hawk.
Mostly, he wants to sleep. So I put the doggy gate in the guest room door, so I can hear him and yet the two dogs can’t go in and attack him with “love”!
They both went crazy when they saw Hubby. I had pulled the car into the garage, and come up and put Fritz outside and Greta in her crate. Then I helped Hubby up the stairs into the house. He sat down with the walker in front of him. Then I opened the door and the crate and all doggy heck broke loose!
It really is wonderful to have him home and hopefully this little infection will disappear with the antibiotics. The visiting nurse should be by tomorrow and then we will get on her schedule for the next couple of weeks.

3 thoughts on “He’s Home!!!”

  1. Hi Mom,
    Glad to hear that you and Jack are both home, and that he is doing so well. Great news about the path reports, and glad that you will have a visiting nurse too–that is really good! I will give you a call and check in tomorrow!
    Love you,

  2. Hi Mom,
    Well, if you didn’t post early this morning, I’m glad I didn’t phone you. I almost called about 7:15, because I know you are always up early, but thought you might have wanted to sleep a little late this morning, with Jack, you and the puppies all home! Hope you did get a good night’s sleep, and that Jack did as well!
    Love you,

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