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A noun
2 exhaustion
the act of exhausting something entirely
╚change of magnitude
╚decrease; diminution; reduction; step-down
3 debilitation, enervation, enfeeblement, exhaustion
serious weakening and loss of energy
╚happening; occurrence; natural event
╚change; alteration; modification
╚transformation; transmutation; shift
╚debilitation, enervation, enfeeblement, exhaustion
4 exhaustion
extreme fatigue
╚fatigue; weariness; tiredness
╚mental exhaustion; brain-fag

4 thoughts on “EXHAUSTION

  1. Oh dear! You do look tired out. I hope you got to rest some.
    I know the feeling, I’ve done it quite a few times between Mom and Dad, my kids, their kids, and Ron. I get tired thinking about it.
    Pace yourself and like a new mom, sleep when the babe or in this case the hubby is sleeping.

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