Getting Run Over

Okay, so what happened to the old adage, “Nice guys finish first?” Or at least don’t get run down, while trying to be a good guy!
My day started at 6 this morning, running back and forth from the kitchen to the guest room, getting everything that Hubby needs. It was actually 8 o’clock before I had my first sip of coffee, and then I set down my cup and forgot where I’d put it until much later when it was stone cold.
The stone mason came today to bring supplies. We have to have a large portion of our fireplace ripped out and rebuilt due to faulty workmanship. This will require a lot of jack hammering to remove the stone on the front.
The visiting nurse arrived at lunchtime and proceeded to just about kill Hubby trying to get a blood sample. It was supposed to be an easy procedure with a simple stab of the finger, but after three attempts and failures, Hubby opted for an old fashioned blood test.
Next came my foray to the Post Office in the rain. I don’t melt, so this is not really a problem, but having a lady drive by my very fast and splash me, was a problem, and I felt quite put upon.
When the Physical Therapist arrived I started down the hallway to open the door when I was knocked down by Mr. Fritz! Right down onto my left knee! If I could have reached that darn dog, I would have…….. well, never mind now, he is very fast (lucky for him!).
The Physical Therapist arrived at dinner time and did her assessment of Hubby’s abilities. She examined our shower (why, oh why, didn’t I clean the shower this morning?) measured Hubby’s flexibility (nil), before making another appointment for tomorrow.
I served up the home made chicken soup I’d been working on all day and now I am just sitting here doing nothing for a while.
Hmmm, that’s so nice!

5 thoughts on “Getting Run Over”

  1. I’ve just gotten around to reading your last several entries. Quite an ordeal with “Hubby”. That he opted to stay awake for the whole thing? Yikes!

    Sounds like you had a tough day. Relax. Lay back and light one up…or whatever. 😉

  2. Hope you get to take it a little more easy! Although I know what it’s like I have an injured man here, myself.

    Wish hubby well for me! And after he gets better go out and celebrate in style! 🙂

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