Heavy Sigh

I woke up at 3 because I was so worried about Hubby. His temperature has been high, the knee very swollen, indicating an infection in the knee. It is not unheard of, but absolutely not a good or easy thing to get rid of. He talks of feeling very weak, which I know is due to the fever and to the fact that he isn’t eating too well (me either). A call to his surgeon may be in order today.

The two dogs seem to be in tune with Hubby and spend a lot of time watching over him. It’s really sweet to watch this love for their Dad.

I need to get the drop clothes out and cover the chairs, the sofa and the table in the family room. I’ve moved every thing else out of the room to avoid getting the mortar dust all over every thing when they are demolishing the fire place front today. Yes, on top of everything else, I will have jack hammers blasting away in my home a good portion of the day.

Greta is over her heat! Yahoo! No more panties for my little Princess! This also means I can let her out in the rain to do her business without escorting her. Praise the Lord!

I think it’s time to put the coffee on.

3 thoughts on “Heavy Sigh”

  1. Bad news, good news! I hope Jack’s knee is better today. Keep me posted on how he is doing. Infections are no fun!
    Glad Greta is over her heat! That is good news. Love You, Mel

  2. Hi Mom,
    Hope things improve today for Jack, and that his fever drops. Hope you can have somewhat of a relaxing day, despite all of the commotion in the house.
    Love you,

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