Oh, Baby

Yesterday we had a Sprinkle Baby Shower  for my daughter, Mandy.

The food was planned, cooked, and laid out, despite waking up to ice, rain, ice and then snow, all but one guest made the trip to Nashua for the surprise party.

We played wonderfully silly Baby Shower games, the kids played like crazy and the guys watched the Patriots Football playoff game in the man cave below.

Toward the end of the shower, most of us ladies were also cheering the game on! I love the Patriots, and really enjoy watching the playoffs.

My daughter is a bigger fan than I, and never misses a game!

The shower was so much fun as we were buying little boy things for his first year.

I am spending the night with Mandy and Matt and Savannah, as the roads are just, as we say in New England, “wicked icy”.

I called Hubby to check in and apparently it is worse further north, where I live.

I will add pictures tomorrow after I get home.














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