The Shower, In Pictures

My week started out quite happily. After actually pulling off the surprise baby shower with my daughter’s friends and family, I arrived back home on Sunday afternoon. I was still filled with adrenaline from all the plotting and planning, and Lili was a somewhat naughty girl Sunday night, barking and keeping me awake, so when I woke on Monday morning I was feeling really tired.

I made hubby his three meals, and did two loads of laundry, changed the sheets, and about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, while watching it snow, I just hit the exhaustion wall and wanted nothing more than to watch a movie, snuggle the dackels and cuddle under the blanket with them.

The shower was wonderful and Mandy was surprised. She’d been told she was going to a Patriot’s football party!


Matt did his part, which was getting her to Sara’s house, despite the bad weather conditions. And I was so happy because, all but one person made it to the shower! That meant so much to Mandy, and to me as well.


Here we are the mighty conspirators. We sure do love Mandy and wanted more than anything to celebrate her baby boy!


  I loved how we decorated and how it all came together. We’d been planning this, since Mandy found out that her baby was a boy and all was well.   There were many kids at this event and I think they had just as much fun as we did. They watched (and helped) the presents get opened, and they played and ran about, but always in a nice way. What great kids everyone has!

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Now Mandy’s baby boy, has plenty of diapers, real manly sort of onesie baby outfits, and the bassinet and swing to keep him happy.

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The cake was made by my sister, Melodie. Not only did it look adorable, but it was the best, moistest, chocolate cake that I have ever had! She is so skilled as a baker and a designer!



There was not one piece left at the end of the shower! I did manage to save one piece of the cake for Sara’s husband, who had been so wonderful helping us get ready for the shower! My sister also crocheted a beautiful blanket for the baby. She’s made one for Savannah, way back for her crib and now baby boy will have this beauty.


So now we all sit back and wait for the little lad to make his arrival, sometime at the end of February, or beginning of March!

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