I’m Famous

I’ve now had my 15 seconds of fame. Today I was sitting here writing to you all when I looked outside and saw that it was both raining and SNOWING! Now that’s odd, I thought. The weather man at NECN is always asking people to write in when they see weird weather, I thought that when it is both raining and snowing at the same time, now that’s pretty strange. So, I wrote in and said, “Matt, it is both raining and snowing at the same time here in **** New Hampshire. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!” signed Maribeth ****. A little while later I was sitting here and he read my e-mail on the air!!! Of course no one heard it but me, I’m sure, still, it was exciting to know that someone actually read it and that it didn’t just disappear into a void, and somewhere there is actually someone who is thinking, “Wow, in **** New Hampshire it was raining and snowing at the same time!”.
15 seconds of fame is pretty exciting, but my neighbor reminded me, “Just don’t let it go to your head”.

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7 thoughts on “I’m Famous”

  1. Hi Mom,
    Hear you on the weird weather, though I didn’t get to see any snow mixed in! My commute took 2 hours this morning, due to the unbelievably heavy rains!
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love you lots,

  2. I’m chuckling that you let Matt read your real town and first and last name to the whole world, but blocked it out for us ; )

    You’re totally famous!

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