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Last night was a banner TV night for Hubby and me. I had taped “The Apprentice” on Monday, so we watched that from 7-8, then we watched “NCIS“, and then “House“. I love all three of those shows, and being able to watch them back to back, well, how good is that? Now some comments on those three shows.

On The Apprentice, I wasn’t very happy that Bryce got fired. I really felt that Lee should have gone. Now I understand that he was observing a religious holiday, (for the second time), and this is admirable. But come on people, this is business and in the real world you have to keep on keeping on even on religious holidays! His team needed him (again), and he was a non productive member (again). Even when he is there, he isn’t. He is dead weight. So I thought Lee should have gone. Of course that’s not PC so I wasn’t surprised that The Donald kept him on. I was sympathetic to Lenny. He was there, and he did try. So what if his ideas were crap! He was present and attempting to be a part of things. The two women also worked hard. So I can’t fault them either.
Hubby and I were torn about which jingle was the best. In the end, I think the decision was made because team “Gold Rush” got to their meeting so late. What is with these people? Haven’t they watched The Apprentice before? Don’t they know that everything takes three times longer to accomplish in New York City, even a simple 2 mile cab ride?
I have not picked out my favorite candidate yet. Maybe because no one really stands out. We shall see…

NCIS. Yes, I’ve heard that one character will die at the end of the season. I’m thinking it will be Jen (played by Lauren Holly). They have suddenly made her very friendly with Gibbs and if she were killed it would be very dramatic for his character. Last night’s episode was pretty good. It dealt with gangs. Quite interesting.

Lastly, House. Okay, last nights episode was a little weird and gross all at the same time. I will not go into great detail about the weird and grossness, but I will say that I like House sharing his bachelor pad with Wilson. They make a great “Odd Couple”. It adds a bit of levity to an otherwise tense show.

Now there is nothing I really watch on the tube until Sunday. Sad, really. I love to watch TV and I am a very loyal viewer. But nothing has been turning me on, so I spend a lot of time watching old movies, or just playing on the computer.

Yesterday afternoon I went in and got my hair colored. I had this strange thing happen with my hair. In the 5 weeks since Shubi died I got a white tuft of hair on the side of my head. Totally white! I feel better now that it is covered and the same color as the rest of my hair. I guess grief will do that to you.

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  1. I love NCIS but I’m so spoiled that I watched Apprentice on TIVO and taped NCIS..Then I watched House. It was odd and a little gross and funny at the same time. I love House. Why dont’ you try Amazing Race tonight at 8. I like it because its one reality show that is totally based on your performance not anyones opinion of you…I think you’d enjoy it………..and you get to see some beautiful sights from all over the world. I love that part too….

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