Friday Five

Another week has rushed by. But this week, we are starting to see and feel the first heat of the summer. Although it is not unwelcome, when I am trying to do things outside, I’d prefer it a little less hot! However, it was a good week all around and here are my five highlights!

  1. Monday I spent the day with my two grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn and my daughter, Mandy.


    You all are probably tired of hearing me rave about my grandchildren and daughter, but honestly, the three of them are magnificent!

  2. I was able to help my daughter get Savannah’s party stuff. Savannah will be 4 years old on May 31st! Wow! Where has the time gone? I remember that I was so anxious to hear what she thought of this world, when I looked into her infant face. Now, not only does she tell me her thoughts, but she will look at books and tell me stories too.
  3. The other thing I totally love, is listening to her play by herself with her dolls. She makes these wonderful voices as she plays each character. Yeah, I am crazy for this kid!
  4. Quinn is so bright and alert I am amazed. He loves to be sitting up in his little froggy chair so he can watch the world, and the TV. At two and a half months, I think he is way ahead of himself.
  5. And my daughter. Well, she is an amazing mother. I watch her with her kids and I am so proud of her. Her love and patience and the ability to truly be with her children, is a beautiful thing to see.

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone. Enjoy, and stay safe.

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