It’s been a good day so far. Hmmmm. When I got up today I thought, “What can I eat today, that I won’t be eating for a long while”?
For breakfast I had a large glass of orange juice, and home made blueberry pancakes with New Hampshire Maple syrup! Oh my God! Talk about heaven on a fork!
I washed that all down with a nice steaming hot cup of coffee and then started planning lunch.
Lunch consisted of a ton of hot pastrami, sauer kraut, and swiss cheese on rye bread, with thousand island dressing and spicy mustard, toasted on the stove with butter spread on the bread. We also had home made french fries and a ton of liquid, as the fries and the pastrami were both very salty, but totally worth it!
I have a Yankee Pot Roast cooking in the oven with carrots, celery and potatoes and I’ll be making a nice gravy to go with that. I plan dark chocolate sundaes for dessert.
And that folks, is how I am spending my last day pigging out!


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