Weighing In

Did you all hear the pitiful cries this morning about 7 AM?
Yes, it was me, as I took off my pajamas, my socks and my earrings and stepped on the bathroom scale.


I can’t tell you what I saw there, gentle reader, it would be too shocking for even you. Let’s just say I am still reeling from the shock.
I prepared my diet breakfast and sat down and ate it all up in 3.4 seconds. Now I am drinking coffee and once I’m done with that, I will drink a tall glass of (gasp!), water.
For those of you who know me well, you already know this. For new readers, here is the lowdown on my feelings about water.
Water should be used for cooking, washing, swimming in and relaxing viewing. It should not be consumed in vast amounts! Yuck! However, they tell me that it is good for you (could this be?), so I am going to try to get it down.
I just heard some skinny model type talking about having to lose weight! Now where is the sanity?

5 thoughts on “Weighing In”

  1. You can get used to anything, if you do it enough. I am so used to drinking water, I crave it now. Give yourself some time and you’ll love it, too 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Water? Never touch the stuff.

    Fish function in it.

    –W.C. Fields

    –and me

  3. Now you’ll think I am a weirdo, but I LOVE water. I prefer it over everything!

    Have you tried maybe crystal light or something like that to flavor it? It could help.

  4. The only way to enjoy water is to put a wee dram of it in yer Scotch whiskey.

    In my humbled opinion.


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