Eating Lettuce

There I was. Day one on my diet and what do I have to do? Go out to dinner, at my all time favorite restaurant, Canoe!!! How would I get through the evening without spoiling my first day back on my diet? Certainly there were things I could order that would keep me legal, but oh, their lobster salad roll with sweet potato fries are to die for! How could I pass that by?
We arrived at the restaurant and sat down with our friends. The waiter recited the list of specials (all sounding wonderful and very fattening!), and I started silently talking to myself.
You can’t have that! There’s like a gazillion calories in that!”
Not that entree, it’s got more carbs in it than ten loaves of bread!”
I might as well do myself in now, because if I eat that, there’s another ten pounds, easy!”
Finally Hubby said he’d like to share the muscles appetizer with someone and I volunteered. Muscles sautéed in garlic, onions and wine! That’s on my diet.
Then I needed to order one more thing to have for my dinner. What to get, what to get? I stammered, I stuttered and then I did the RIGHT thing. I ordered the iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon bits. It was delicious and kept me on my diet.
I left the restaurant feeling happy, but hungry. I still feel hungry. Shoot I just hate that!
You all may be wondering what Hubby had for his dinner besides the muscles? Veal Parmesan and Ziti! A huge plate of Veal Parmesan and Ziti! Big, fattening, delicious Veal Parmesan with Ziti!!!
Needless to say, he is not hungry at all.

3 thoughts on “Eating Lettuce”

  1. Haaa! Listen to Michelle…Miss “I can show my belly button as a profile pic because it’s not hanging over my tight jeans”…LOL

    But then again…I’m with her. Screw the diet. You only live once. 😉

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