Infections Are Never Fun

It’s been a month since my cervical spine surgery. I was so hopeful that I would have the surgery and then after a short recovery, life would go back to normal. However, this was not meant to be.

I was in the hospital for four days, came home, and after four days of being at home got very ill, and was rushed back to the hospital and into emergency surgery, as I was full of a Staph infection.

I sort of thought that once they cleaned it all out, I’d take antibiotics for a bit and then I’d been fine. That also wasn’t to be.

For some reason, the antibiotics are not kicking the infection’s butt and I am still quite ill.

I run fevers, and want to sleep and I feel like I am getting weaker and weaker.

Today I decided that despite feeling bad, I needed to at least do a few things. I got Hubby to bring the laundry to the basement, and started that. I made a list of items we needed at the grocery store, and while he was gone, I sat on a little step stool and cleaned the fridge out.

That was it, aside from folding the clothes, but Hubby helped me with that.

I think the biggest reason I find this all so frustrating is that my expectations were that I would go in get fixed and get well.

I go back in to see the Infectious Disease doctor on Tuesday, as well as my surgeon. I hope that the news is good. I suspect that either way, the recovery will be a lot longer than I thought.

Meanwhile I have a PICC line in my right arm and I get IV antibiotics three times a day. My kitchen sort of looks like the set of General Hospital. At least with the PICC line I just infuse the medications and not inject them.

So life goes on. And hopefully, very soon the infection that has been vacationing in my body will decide to go away too.

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  1. Take good care Maribeth. I know it’s hard to stay down and do nothing, but you’re fighting an infection and that’s not doing nothing! Praying you feel much better soon!

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