Happy Twenty Ninth Anniversary

Today Hubby and I celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. It’s funny, after all this time, it just feels like we have always been with each other. Through thick or thin, good or bad, sickness and health, we’ve somehow stuck it out.


Twentynine years ago, we married in my hometown of Falmouth, Massachusetts. It was a bright sunny day, with just a trace of a nip in the cool wind.

It was a nice wedding, and little did I realize then, that when I said I do, time would pass so quickly and here we would be, 29 years later, still sharing our life and our love. Time flies!

2 thoughts on “Happy Twenty Ninth Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations! You two have sure led a rich and adventurous life together. Here’s to many more!

  2. As a deacon I stood at that beautiful alter in our beloved church many a Sunday with reverends Chandler snd Johnson as your dear Father played those wonderful hymns.He would be so proud of you dear Maribeth

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