The End Of Summer

I’ve been a bit lazy of late, posting the happenings here in New Hampshire. It’s not that there is nothing to write about, just that I find little time to sit down and put my thoughts in blog form.

The summer is flying by. My goodness today is the 15th of August and in less than 2 weeks, the kids return to school! This means the school buses will stop down the hill from our house 4 times a day, and it also means that our tourists will go back to their homes and my little town will shrink to it’s normal size. Well almost. We will have leaf peepers come at the end of September through the month of October, and then life will be normal.

Jack is doing very well. His nubbin looks amazingly well, and as soon as his new orthotic shoes come in, he will be out of the special boot they have had him in. Yesterday, he even went to the grocery store and was able to walk around a bit.

However, here is my new gripe. Handicapped Parking! Hubby now has a placard, as he has trouble walking, and will continue to. Yesterday, at the grocery there were 6 spots. Three of them were being parked in by people who had no placard, or license plate with a handicapped symbol. One guy came out with 2 cases of beer and tossed them in the back of his pickup. The only handicap this man has is drinking too much Budweiser!

So, people, if you do not need a handicapped space, if you do not use a cane, walker, etc. Please, I beg of you, leave these places for people who cannot walk easily, or at all.

My daughter sent two fabulous pictures of the kids from their vacation in Maine, and I love them so much, I am getting them printed for the 5X7 inch frames on the mantle.


Savannah Rose


Quinn Wallace

They both have that, “I’m enjoying summertime” look!

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