TBT: A Six Year Old MB

I was thinking today about Savannah turning six years old this month. I have some memories from my year as a six year old. I recall starting school, meeting teachers, and the fact that that was one of the years that my Mom did a lot of sewing for my sister and myself. So many matching outfits!



We lived on Clipper Lane, and I rode my bike everywhere, climbed trees and went to the beach every day in the summers. I was perpetual motion, which now seems sort of strange, as my soon to be 60-year-old body is not nearly as limber as my six-year-old body was! ha!


When I was in Falmouth a few weeks ago we drove to the Community Theater where I performed. In between rehearsals I used to go out and climb this big old tree. It was massive, and a great climber. It is still there! My heart sang, and I so wanted to go over and climb that tree, but my older and stiffer self prevailed!

img081 (2)

So, here are a few pictures of six-year-old me!

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  1. Great post! I really need to revamp my Throwback Thursday feature. I was using it as a way to get old pictures scanned and to preserve memories. It’s fun to walk down memory lane.

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