Well, the news is not so good for Greta, long term. At fourteen and a half years old, I have to prepare myself that time is limited on this earth for my sweet girl. For now, she is on medication to make her more comfortable, which she will like because she will get her capsule in a piece of hotdog. Heck, I’m going to let this girl live it up!

Oct 25 006

The day here was very hot and humid and we were told to expect thunderstorms, but none came. Just some brief showers that brought down the temperatures from 93-88 degrees,

Jack and I sat down to compare appointments. I think you reach an age, where doctors appointments have an almost weekly spot on your calendar. All I will say is, Thank Goodness for good medical insurance!

Luckily, my best friend from Deleware will be arriving one week from today for a visit. We’ve been friends since we were 13 years old and met at a Christian Camp run by our Diocese. We came from similar backgrounds, and in the good old days, we wrote letters to each other. Phone calls were too expensive, and there was no such thing as computers or cell phones with unlimited services. So, we wrote. Seeing that we were teenage girls, we wrote a lot. I recall my letters to her would be many, many pages long.

The letters continued during the High School Years when she went off to college and I started my life as a wife and mother of two girls. Our visits together were also infrequent due to the fact that we have never lived in the same town. She was originally from Salem, MA and I was from Falmouth, MA.

I moved to New Hampshire and she moved to New Jersey and after that to Delaware. But through it all, good times and bad, we have been there for each other. So her visit is something I am really looking forward to.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about Greta. Our dog, who lives with our daughter in Washington, is also getting up there, fourteen in July, and is really slowing down. Such a tough time.

    Enjoy your visit with your friend.

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