Two Spirits

I was waiting to be called for my test on Wednesday, and a woman about my age walked into the waiting room. I was crocheting a blanket and she came over and sat down and started talking to me.

We had many things in common, both in our lives with our kids, and the health challenges we have both faced. She was a devout Christian, and we both spoke about our faith in God, and how that had gotten us through those tough times.

We each spoke about our grandchildren and how blessed we felt having these children in our lives. How each day, our lives are that much better because our grandchildren are in it.

We talked about the blanket and who I was making it for. How this person was so dear to me, and how I hope that it will wrap itself around her with love, even when I am not with her.

We both smiled and laughed and I felt as if I’d known her a very long time. It was very strange, and yet very comfortable too.


Two people, two spirits, meeting up today and sharing that time in the waiting room, for important tests.

When my name was called and I stood up, she stood too. “May I hug you?” she asked. I put out my arms and held her for a moment. I could feel every bone in her body, she was so thin. But her hug felt genuine and loving. And I needed that, right at that moment.

I’d planned to give her my name and website when I came out, but she was gone. I missed this opportunity. I go back next week, to the same place to see my doctor. I hope she is there!


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