My First Pedicure & A Manicure!

On Friday I went in to have a manicure. Now I have had a manicure before, where I had my nails filed and polish applied. Pretty! But I always would chip the polish, or mess up a nail before I even left the salon! What a pain!

Today was different though. These women carefully massaged my hands, shaped my nails, cleaned my cuticles, and then applied gel nail polish! Now I have to tell you, this gel polish is the cat’s meow!

I selected a light pink sparkly color. And layer after layer of base coat, color, and top coat was sealed with the ultraviolet light.

I was amazed and delighted! See?



I was not intending to have a pedicure. Quite honestly, I have ugly feet and I have never shown anyone my toes. However today, I was kind of talked into it.

The ladies were so nice, and before I knew it, my feet were soaking in a warm tub of moisture-rich water, and the fun began. My feet were cleaned, massaged, the nails were cut, shaped and then the same wonderful gel polish was applied to them.

But what I did not understand was a pedicure isn’t just about polishing the nails, but getting the feet and the calves massaged! Oh my goodness! I was in Heaven!


So Gail had her pedicure, and I had mine. My very first ever Pedicure! And I loved it!!!! I finally got to experience what I have been missing all these 59 ½ years!

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