The Friday Five!

The Friday Five

Here we are, the last week of June! I cannot believe it. I have been so busy, as my friend, Gail has been here. We have done so much visiting and sharing, and had such a great time. Here was our day today! (Thursday)

  1. I went to the Outlets to find a dress for the wedding I am attending on Saturday. I refuse to buy anything at full price, so bargain hunting is what I am the best at.
  2. I went to Talbots and selected four dresses to try on. The first one I simply loved, but when I put it on, I didn’t like it at all! Ugh.
  3. The next dress made me think of Mandy as they were all her colors. But I loved how it fit me. And it was literally half price! I got a piece of costume jewelry to wear at the neck, and I already earrings and a bracelet that match.
  4. Then we went for lunch and went shopping for dinner food for Mandy and family. And then I took Gail to see Mandy’s home.
  5. We really enjoyed our time with Mandy, Matt, and the kids. As well as dinner. Once we got done cleaning up and chatting, it was time to head out and come back to Meredith. We arrived about 15 minutes after darkness, which worked out well.

35199105_10216478720302226_6100860207695396864_n FB_IMG_1528678700904

It was a very full Friday!



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