This & That On Thursday

Today I am taking my friend, Gail, to meet my grandchildren. I am so excited about this. The last time Gail was here, was when we had Mandy’s baby shower over six years ago. Now we have sweet Savannah and darling Quinn, and our lives are so full of life and love.

I also need to get a dress tomorrow for a wedding we’re going to on Saturday. I was sort of hoping I would lose enough weight to fit into one of my other dresses, but only my little black dress looks great, and a black dress, to a wedding, in 90-degree heat, isn’t a good thing!

So, I will be looking for a light and airy summer frock! It should be fun to buy a new dress!

Greta had a few problems today and I had to bath her afterward. Poor baby. It’s breaking my heart to watch her. I just want a little more time with her.

Life is so good, but far too short, for both people and for doggies.

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  1. Good luck for finding the right dress ! When I look for a dress I never find one and when I don’t look I can be sure that there is the right one for me !

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