Doe, A Deer!

I’ve always liked animals. In fact when I was born my parents had both a Siamese Cat and a Golden Retriever. So all of my life, I have been surrounded by animals.

I’ve loved Zoos, and wild Animal Parks and whenever a creature (aside from Skunks and Porcupines) crosses my path, I enjoy the experience. I recall watching an Otter play on a lake in our State and that was so sweet.

In the early mornings during the summer, I throw open the windows so I can listen to the mournful cries of the Loons on our Lake. Think Katherine Hepburn in on Golden Pond, and you can image me outside as the dawn breaks, calling to them.

So, imagine how wonderful it was almost a month ago when I met our doe in the field one night. She was heavily pregnant, but something else stuck with me. She was quiet, undisturbed by me and almost welcomed my presence.

I have not fed her, or even tried to make direct contact with her. No, I am happy just to watch her graze in the field. She will eat and eat and then pick her head up and look straight at me. She is a beauty!


The twin fawns came next and we reveled in their arrival. Watching them jump around their Mom like puppies brings joy to me.

Today when we were driving in from grocery shopping, Mama Doe was feeding the Twins and I was thrilled to see how healthy all three of them are. Apparently, our field is providing the nutrition that they all need. And, of course, Mama Doe is still nursing the babies.


This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had. A birds-eye view of nature and the circle of life right here in my yard. I will be posting “No Hunting” signs on our property this fall. These beautiful creatures are so tame that there would be no sport in this. Also, we are in a neighborhood where each house is only an acre apart. Not good for hunting anyway.


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