The Friday Five

The Friday Five

This has been an amazingly crazy week for me. But really, it’s all good! One thing I will say about this week overall is that it has been hot, humid, hazy and very wet! We have a rain gauge and just this week we have had three inches of rain!

Kind of funny about the rain. Most of it has come down in absolutely heavy downpours! Not even the dogs want to go outside! And when they do go outside, they get absolutely soaking wet! In fact, as I write this on Thursday at noontime, it has just started to rain again! And Jack, who was outside with Lili, got soaked!

So here I go, with the five things, besides the weather, that has been happening in my corner of the world!

  1. The Plumbing and Heating Workers have been here three days this week. They are completely redoing our system and when they are done, not only will our hot water problem be fixed, but our entire home heating system will not only be fixed but will be working in a more economical way. I am so impressed with all the men who have worked on our system. In particular, Will, who designed the entire new wiring and plumbing system. He is here today (Thursday) to finish up the system and do all the tests. In many ways, although we did not need a new furnace or hot water heater, this Digital Control Center is more costly than one can imagine.
  2. The Air Conditioner in our bedroom died. And it died on one of the hottest and most humid of days. And it died at 5:30 in the evening. I need an 8000 BTU unit for that room, and I knew pretty much what I wanted. Our electric company is giving rebates if you get an energy saving machine, so I knew specifically the one I wanted. Well, it’s July, and our store doesn’t have much inventory left. So I was in the position of ordering online. The first order was rejected by my credit card! Huh? So I called and they told me that this National and well-known company, has a reputation with their website about not being secure. I had to use a different card and talk to the Company, and finally, the machine was ordered and it should be here on Friday. It has not been easy. Meanwhile, I am sleeping in a room where it is 80 degrees and a fan is my only friend.
  3. While grocery shopping on Wednesday I noted that they had Soft-Shell Lobsters for $4.99 a pound. Now at this time of year, the Soft-Shell Lobsters are so tender and sweet. Yum! I immediately sent Jack over to pick out two for our dinner. We also picked up two ears of corn, and some California White Potatoes to boil.

    May 29 10 006

    The above picture was taken a couple of years ago by my cousin Janet.

    In the evening, I boiled up the Lobsters, melted some butter, cooked the potatoes and corn, and we sat down to quite a feast! We ate and moaned with enjoyment and both of us commented that this was one delicious and very special meal!

  4. Jack’s flip cell phone has died and he is now switching over to my Galaxy S5. I have the phone all cleaned and programmed for him, but last night when I tried to switch it over I learned something new (for me anyway). I need a SIM card for his phone.


    Apparently, when I bought my Galaxy S8, the clerk took the old SIM card out of the Galaxy S5 and put it into my S8. Groan. So I ordered one from Verizon and it will also arrive on Friday. Then I can finish the switch. Then the real learning process starts for Jack. I have an entire box of stylists at the ready so he can use the phone easily

  5. .Jack had minor surgery this week to remove a skin cancer. They are hoping it is a Basil Cell Skin cancer, but since he has had Melanoma, before, and it was very close to this site, they are doing a biopsy of the tissue removed. Currently, I am once again his nurse. I have all kinds of sympathy for anyone having surgery to remove cancer on their nose. This was much smaller, but it is close to his eye, and that makes putting on the band-aid really tough. We will learn the results of the biopsy next week, but I am holding out good thoughts on all of this.

So these are the things that have been going on and keeping me occupied. Aside from the skin cancer for Jack, it’s all pretty much positive, and interesting. A new air conditioner, new heating system, fresh lobsters, new(er) cell phone for Jack, and the growth removed from Jack’s nose. (He didn’t want to show it or even the bandage) A full week I think!

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Prayers for good results from Jack’s biopsy and glad to hear your heating and air conditioning issues are resolved. Have a great weekend!

  2. Technology with heating and cooling moves ever forward and gets better and better. It is strange how in the US people still install in wall air con units and not split systems. While I know it is too cold for them to heat effectively, for cooling they are just so much better. I too have a Galaxy 8, which I think replaced my Galaxy 5 or maybe it was a 6. It’s winter here and we are not getting the rain we should be, so a few downpours like you are receiving would be welcome. Good luck to Jack with is biopsy.

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