The Beauty of Nature

The beauty of nature seems to surround us right now. Because of an unusual amount of rain, our trees, fields, and shrubs are all deep green. The flowers are blooming, and if the wind is blowing just right, the smell of the flowers in my neighborhood permeates the air!

Add to that the three families of Deer that we have in our small neighborhood and I feel as though I have found my little piece of Heaven on Earth!

We have a lone Doe. Now I think she looks pretty heavy, but it would be pretty late in the season for her to have a fawn. It’s not unheard of, but…


We have our Doe with her twins, and they seem to provide most of the enjoyment in the neighborhood. They visit our neighbors close by and a friend just down the road, spotted them in his backyard. Fortunately, they are staying away from the busier roads.

37864890_10156552826501499_7923760940774850560_n (2)

Our third Doe has a single Fawn. This Fawn is slightly older than the twins, and she and her Mama are also friendly.


So, Here we are living in Deer Central and quite happily so. Our neighbors all feel the same way. Somehow these deer have brought so much delight and happiness to the people in my area.

Now I need to also mention the Bears that seem to be driving one of my neighbors crazy. They somehow keep trying to get into their trash. And they keep coming back.

I was driving home at dusk the other day, and a groundhog scurried across our driveway. He was a pretty fat fellow. I intend to look him up on Ground Hog Day for a reading on Springtime!

The Birds continue to fly about. I particularly enjoy our Cardinals. We have a pair that have lived here for some time. I am always thrilled to see them in our Pine Trees.

P3030012 (2)

I look forward to each day to see who is near us and what they are doing. Life in the wilderness is truly an amazing thing.

3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Nature”

  1. These are real cute squatters ! When I see your grass so green and look at ours it is all yellow. It hasn’t rained since a month. I can’t remember when that happened the last time, because we are usually sitting in the rain. It’s an amazing summer !

  2. You don’t have to be far away from a city to be surrounded by nature. You better share some rain to those in the west of the country.

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