This & That On A Sunday Morning

I woke up on Sunday morning, made the coffee, sat down with a steaming mug, took a sip and it was nirvana! I wonder why it is that days the coffee tastes just right and others, not so much?

Well, today is definitely my perfect cup day and I sure am enjoying it!

As I opened the door to go outside this morning, I noticed it was just 56 degrees! So, I grabbed my”Falmouth” sweatshirt and proceeded on.

In the night we had an air shift. We’ve gone from the 3-H‘s, Hot, Humid, and Hazy to the 3-C‘s, Crisp, Clear, Clean air! Lovely. It is forecast to be in the upper 70’s today, but I will take that over the 3- H‘s any day!

Jack saw a nice bench advertised in a local paper, so we will be off today to buy it and bring it home. One thing we have learned being up here in Meredith is that our rain and snow ratio kills anything wooden!


When we had our farm in Southern New Hampshire, we had a lot of picnic tables, chairs, and benches, all wooden. However, we had a barn where we stored everything in the winter! No barn here!

Yesterday I finally got the last of the Gel Nailpolish off my fingernails. I have had three cuticle infections since I was in the shop for a second coating of that stuff. Here is a note on that: Find a reputable shop, Gel polish is fine occasionally, but it took its toll on me. Currently, my once beautiful nails are cut short and will need time to grow out. That stuff didn’t just damage my cuticles, but the nail-beds as well.

Today I will finish up the laundry, do some ironing (ick) and settle in the watch the Cincinnati Masters (Western & Southern Open). Novak Djokovic will play Roger Federer and Kiki Bertens will play Simona Halep. Now there’s some good tennis to watch!

And just like that, the weekend was over!


2 thoughts on “This & That On A Sunday Morning”

  1. The arrival of Autumn after a trying summer is wonderful. Sometimes we have lovely long Autumn or it seems to go straight from being hot to being cold. I saw that tennis match scheduled, but it was not reported on here that I saw. I should check who won.

  2. Iron…that’s a 4 letter word in my house! I don’t like having my nails done by ‘professionals’…they’re too rough on my cuticles & infection always comes afterward.

    Falmouth? As in Jamaica?

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