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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A woodchuck would, chuck all the wood he could
if a woodchuck could chuck wood!

Tuesday afternoon I was walking into our family room when I noticed something outside the front window. At first, it was almost flat against the ground, and I was fairly sure it was some sort of critter, but I was not sure.

I grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens and when I got back to the window this little guy had stood up, nice and tall and was giving me quite a shot!

P8210011 copy

I thought he was rather cute as he sat there. You can see his big fat belly and little hands (paws) and the ring of white fur around his snout! Isn’t he cute!

The Woodchuck, or Groundhog, is a common rodent with short, powerful legs and a medium-long, bushy, and somewhat flattened tail. The long, coarse fur of the back is a grizzled grayish brown with a yellowish or reddish cast. Woodchucks weigh least in spring when they are just out of hibernation and most in fall prior to hibernation. When alarmed or suddenly disturbed, they can give a loud, shrill whistle.

Size: Total length: 16–27 inches; tail length: 4–7 inches; weight: 4–14 pounds.

The best Groundhog movie was made with Bill Murray! It was called Groundhog Day”. Now I like this movie and I admit I have seen it more than once. It appeals to the romantic in me, as well as being a hilarious gem.


So imagine my surprise to learn that I had this handsome STAR (creature/critter/rodent) in my front yard. I was amazed! This seems to be the year of the wild animals for me. It seems almost every day I find some new wild animal has come to see me. Best of all they pose!

P8210010 copy

Now here is my next question for my little Groundhog friend…”What’s our winter going to be like and will we have an early Spring?

I know that Groundhog Day is in February, but hey, if this little sucker is living in my sidehill, eating my grass and various other pieces of vegetation, don’t you think he could cough up an answer before February?

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  1. I did not know that a groundhog was the same as a woodchuck. I did not really know what either is. I saw Groundhog Day but I did not really get it, although I understand about the repeating of the day. But it is always so good to see critters out and about. We haven’t sent all of them to extinction, yet. I am feeling a cougar will soon lounge and purr in your grounds.

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