Summer Love!

Over the weekend I had the chance to spend time with my two grandchildren. I always love and value this time. I learn more and more about my grandkids, each time I am there. Right now at the ages of two and six, the kids are changing every day, sometimes hour by hour!

We swam in the pool and Savannah is a little fish. She loves to swim and never stops. She loves the water! Quinn does very well with his little swimmers, but still has a ways to go with is self-swimming. If our season was a bit longer, I think he would get it, but since our season ends soon, he will more than likely learn next year. He sure loves being in the pool!

Case in point. my little guy, Quinn was fascinated by the selfie stick I brought with me. He watched himself in the picture, with no adult sharing the screen.


Savannah thought it was pretty cool too.


The only problem I have with the selfie stick is that sometimes I don’t hold it as steady as I would like. It’s something I need to work on. If my old hands keep shaking, at least this selfie stick is also a tripod and I can set up for some better pictures.

While I was there, I sat down with six-year-old Savannah and she read to me, 40 pages of her Dick and Jane book.  Some of the words she knew, but some were new to her and we worked sounding them out, and because the stories use these same words over and over in the story, by the end of the story she had learned at least three words. Not only was I proud of her, and Mandy was proud, but Savannah was proud of herself, and that was a marvelous thing to see!

I also worked on Savannah’s hair on Monday, to get it into pretty braids for her audition in the Community Theater.  Savi was so sweet as I braided her hair. She talked non-stop.


Her chattering with me is something I simply adore! I remember holding Savannah on the day she was born, and telling her I could hardly wait until she could tell me everything she was thinking!

And now, here she is. Six years old and telling me everything that is on her mind. And she is such a smart and interesting little girl. I just love talking with her!

All too soon, our time together came to an end, and I started on my trek home, via the grocery store. The trip seemed long, and it was very hot, and I was so happy to arrive and get settled into a cool home with all the dogs either on me or around me!

Yes, Summer Love!



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  1. I’m glad you’ve had a lot of wonderful quality time with your grands this summer. Ours will be here for a few days next week and I can’t wait. They do change so quickly!

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