The Friday Five

Here we are, it’s mid-September. Can you believe that? It seems this year has been flying by and some days I can hardly catch my breath. Here are this weeks Friday Five.

  1. At the start of the week, I prepped 4 batched of Heavenly Peach Jam. The Peaches were not ripe and the next day when I attempted to cook and can it, it all tasted like Peach Vinegar! Yuck!
  2. Realizing my error, I quickly picked some nicely colored Peaches for my second attempt. I then proceeded to put the Peaches in Brown Paper Bags, where I closed them up and left them for two days to ripen. Sure enough, this morning they were beautifully ripe and ready to be prepared for Jam.
  3. So, I prepped 4 batches of Peach Jam, and they are ready to be cooked and canned tomorrow. I was so careful this time, and I also had my lucky charm.

    Em and Me

    My friend Emily, who used to live next door to me, was on my cell phone and the two of us talked about the days of yester-year when we used to make Peach Jam together!

  4. Saturday and Sunday are laundry and vacuuming and dusting day. Ugh! Not a fan of either one.
  5. Next week I need to pull the suitcases down and start working on packing them for our trip. I’m excited about the trip, but really, I am so over the packing of the suitcases. When you get older the packing of suitcases means, packing of pills, blood pressure kits, and various other medical necessities!

So that’s my week this week and a look ahead at the week ahead. I am hoping that the Jam cooks up well tomorrow, but if you hear screams from Central New Hampshire, you will know that I failed! I shall report in tomorrow!

One thought on “The Friday Five”

  1. Hasn’t packing for holiday changed! No focus now on lube and condoms, and clothes you look good in, but medications. Always have more medications than you actually need as you never know what may happen. We store things in our suitcases, so that makes it just a bit harder.

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