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It was an eventful Weight Watchers day on Wednesday! I was down another two pounds. I feel like I am in the groove following the plan, and I like how I am feeling.

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I bought a new digital bathroom scale so I can keep better track of my weight at home. I know I am doing well, but I need to keep better track of things.

My first batches of Heavenly Peach Jam were a bust! The peaches weren’t ripe enough, and everything came out tasting like Peach Vinegar! Ugh!

So, I picked 20 pounds more, put them on paper bags, and on Thursday I will start the process all over again! I will start in the morning preparing the oranges and maraschino cherries, and once Jack is up, I will work on blanching, peeling and chopping up the peaches to be used. It all must rest overnight, so I am looking at actually canning this on Friday! Oh, wish me luck!

I’m running out of time because we leave here on September 25 for Virginia Beach. That is if the Hurricane doesn’t wash it away. We’ll be gone for a few days, with my house/doggy sitter enjoying the fruit!

Life here has settled into a routine. The three doggies have adjusted and Jack and I seem to be getting on with it. It’s quieter, easier. I guess because I’m not jumping up every two minutes to care for Greta. Yes, life is calmer.

I’m hoping to get Dackel Princess overhauled over the next few weeks. It’s been broken now for nearly two years and it’s time. So those of you that read me, but cannot comment, please know I am hoping for a complete reinstall and links that work and a comment section that works as well.


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